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We believe in the future of home cooking

Fresh cooking 
in next to you

Jasper cooks freshly for you downstairs. No delivery across town, no preservatives, great quality.


Food for your tastebuds

Thousands of recipes, created by our gourmet chef and tested in our Lab kitchen. Choose anything you want, no obligations, no restrictions.

Restaurant quality

International gourmet chefs develop and test new recipes every day, allowing you to enjoy consistent restaurant quality meals everyday.

Affordable, transparent prices

As inexpensive as home cooking. Each dish's price represents the cost of the ingredients. Avoid wasting money on disposable packaging, transport, royalties.

Zero waiting time

Jasper organizes ingredients and cooking time to serve you at your preferred time.


Maximum Sustainability

We cook next to consumers and for each consumer. Minimal packaging, food waste and transportation.

the robot

The backstory

Jasper is brought to you by YPC Technologies, a venture-backed startup in kitchen automation with the vision to make good food more accessible. 

We see recent technological advances in robotics and artificial intelligence as a chance for our society to return to the fresh preparation of healthy meals.

Our robotic kitchen uses modern automation to prepare gourmet food at ingredient costs and can be installed as an additional amenity inside residential buildings.

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